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Date Posted: September 24, 2013
Date Occurred: November 09, 2012 || Location: oahu hawaii

Hunter: collin huff
  "hey Bud! been a while . thanks for every thing. the helim is still shooting great. "
Equipment Used: helim / carbon express / slick trick

Date Posted: March 21, 2012
Date Occurred: March 21, 2012 || Location: Bowman

Hunter: Alex McAfee
  "Ole Thunder Chicken"
Equipment Used: Destroyer, Shuttle T-Lock, K&H mouth call

Date Posted: January 23, 2012
Date Occurred: December 24, 2011 || Location: Bowman

Hunter: Alex McAfee
Equipment Used: Bowtech Destroyer, Shuttle T Lock Broadhead, CS Maxima Arrows

Date Posted: December 07, 2011
Date Occurred: December 06, 2011 || Location: lebanon sc

Hunter: skeeter crosby
  "Rage in the cage!125lb doe "
Equipment Used: z7 with 2 blade rage

Date Posted: September 06, 2011
Date Occurred: September 03, 2011 || Location: walterboro,sc

Hunter: Dillon Risher
  "A dream come true"
Equipment Used: z7 xtreme with goldtip arrows wraped with 2' blazer vanes pushing a swhacker

Date Posted: January 06, 2011
Date Occurred: December 31, 2010 || Location: Trio, SC

Hunter: Alex McAfee
  ""Big nanny shot with my new xtreme.""
Equipment Used: z7 xtreme, gt xt hunter, innerloc exp

Date Posted: December 11, 2010
Date Occurred: October 16, 2010 || Location: Summerville

Hunter: Easton
  "Small 6 pointer shot early in the season"
Equipment Used: A/R Bow, Gold Tip Arrows, Grim Readper Broadheads

Date Posted: December 10, 2010
Date Occurred: November 23, 2010 || Location: Holy Hill,SC

Hunter: Steve McFann
  "Here ya go Budro"
Equipment Used: Kodiac Outdoors KO32,Goldtip arrow and Muzzy 100gr

Date Posted: December 05, 2010
Date Occurred: October 11, 2010 || Location:

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Equipment Used:

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